Chasing Chubbles (2019)

There are some beers that are born above the rest, sometimes people from across the world come together to make something great, sometimes they decide to call their great achievement…. Chubbles. 

The coveted TIPA sits on 5thof all beers currently in production on Untappd in England. With the 2019 edition coming in at a robust 4.49. 

The competition winner’s can!

The TIPA has enough dry hopping to be a QDH (quadruple dry hopped), as the lady working at the Cloudwater tap room told me! 

The notes we got were a dank, mango, citrus, chewy, juicy, floral and alcoholic. Few beers in the DIPA/TIPA category can soar above the others, this one damn does. It’s on the same level, if not higher, than Your Limitation, It’s Only Your Imagination from Verdant Brew Co. 

So how can a beer be this good, and is it all just hype? We’ll discuss down below!

The hype train(s)

There’s no doubt about it, Cloudwater are a seriously hyped up brewery these days. But that’s not to say it hasn’t been earnt, since their opening they’ve been striving for the very highest in quality for their beers. Ranked among the best breweries in the world, we can say they deserve it. 

Founded back in 2014, they have shot up to the top of the UK craft beer scene in only a few years, they did a lot to kickstart the craft beer revolution in Britain – so thanks guys! 

Cloudwater’s seasonal approach to beer making on such a scale makes them one of the titans in the craft brew scene, few breweries in England match the scale and quality that Cloudwater do – this was always going to grab people’s attention. Oh boy did it.

A few years ago a brewery called The Veil from Richmond USA came over to make a beer with the Manchester based wizards. The lovechild of their talents was the TIPA we’ve been raving about. 

If you’ve not heard of the Veil, they have similar hype about their brewery; just a glance at their Instagram lets you know why they’re so famous. The vibrancy and variety of their beers is quite extraordinary, with such demand that there are limits on can purchases pp (such as with Treehouse Brewing). 

Credit: @theveilbrewing Instagram.
Milk sugar, blueberry and blackberry sour ale. We need it.

The success of these breweries are often put down to hype, but I think a better term is respect. We start to trust breweries when they consistently impress us with their beer, to the point we just grab no matter what from them. 

SO, it’s a bit of both really. To a large extent beers and breweries can get swamped in hype, but it’s not to say they haven’t deserved it. We can confirm that with chubbles, yes it’s been hyped up, but it might be one of the best beers we’ve ever drank.

As we write this, chubbles sits as the 5thhighest rated beer in England, still in production, on Untappd. Count your lucky stars if you managed to get hold of this beauty. We bought a couple cans from the web shop and gave one away to a competition winner!

Boxing up

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Everyone have a lovely, beery week!

The BeerBox Team

Wylam x Verdant and the arrival of Brew York

Today is a wonderful day for craft beer heads like you and I. Wylam brewery, just a 20 minute (rather brisk) walk from our box have been ever hard at work creating something delicious for us all to drink. Still one of the favourite styles are DIPAs, so they wanted to make a damn good one – but they couldn’t do it all by themselves. To make sure it’s of the best quality they called upon a little brewery called VERDANT to see if they could make something special together… and oh boy could they. 

Verdeiping Nil is a fantastic DIPA, an unexpected bitterness plays on the tongue with this one, confidently packed up with all the dank juiciness you’d expect from a beer Verdant got anywhere near. It’s not quite Your Limitation, it’s only Your Imagination but it doesn’t seem to be trying to be. The bitterness pulls this DIPA in a different direction, and we love that direction. 

We’ve been following Verdant since our first can and couldn’t be happier they’ve ventured this far north, all in the name of great beer. 

Few things in life are better than a cold can of fresh Wylam

It’s hard not to get pushed to the sidelines when such a collab takes the forefront, but Final Pulse is another winner in our eyes. A much smoother beer, this IPA is light but strong. Perhaps we poured the can a little heavy, but we got a decent burn at the tail end of this one, that protein sediment kicks! The El Dorado in this is pretty obvious as you get that big tropical punch that such a juicy hop carries, another solid IPA from Wylam.

The beery stats:

Wylam x Verdant Brewing – Verdeiping Nil –  Citra, BBC, Amarillo & Azzaca. DIPA. 8%

Wylam – Final Pulse – Simcoe, Centennial & El Dorado. IPA. 6.8%

Brew Yorks first appearance in the box

We’ve had our eyes on Brew York for a while and with our can-focus in the shop we’ve got a perfect little shelf for them. These guys know how to do coconut beers. A couple of us went and tried the barrel aged versions of the empress tonkoko beers and oh my days… if any of you lucky readers managed to try some you’ll know what calibre of beer we’re talking about here. We’ve all had tonkoko many times, so we went for something a little different, although still a super coconut(y) stout! 

Kaya is medium strength, smooth and a coconut dream. Verging on a breakfast stout with the healthy backup of coffee, this milk stout has a good sweetness to it, making go down so easily we’re glad of the 5.2% ABV! Kaya was made as a collaboration with Gwei Lo based in Hong Kong. The idea for the recipe actually came from a traditional snack of coconut jam and Pandan served on toast, sometimes dipped into coffee!  

On the opposite style we had to get hold of Goose Willis, many of you beery experts will have tried what was originally a BrewDog York collab – Goose Willis is an absolutely solid sour jam packed with gooseberries. 

Staying true to their movie reference names; we’ve also got hold of Kaijuice, the absolute juice bomb, Galaga, the big tropical APA and Dank Marvin versus the Army of Dankness, this might be one of the best names we’ve seen in the box!

More beery stats:

Brew York – Galaga – Cascade, CTZ, Citra & Mosaic. APA. 4.7%.

Brew York – Kaijuice – Columbus, Mosaic & Simcoe. APA. 5.5%

Brew York – Juice Campbell vs The Army of Dankness. Amarillo, Citra, Centennial & Simcoe. NEIPA. 7.1%.

Brew York – Kaya – Coulumbus. 40 g/l coconut. Pandan leaf, Coconut & Coffee Milk Stout. 5.2%.

Brew York – Goose Willis – Nelson sauvin. Gooseberry sour. 5.3%.

We can’t wait for you all to get stuck into the new beers and please drop back and tell us what you thought of them! We’re beer nerds, we survive on discussing craft beer. 

Juice Campbell vs the Army of Dankness. Just try and find a better name than that.

Boxing up

Keep a track of our Untappd menu to see if these beers are still in stock as you thirsty bunch love clearing us out! For all your beer needs, pop in and say hello and we’ll do our best to keep you all quenched. 

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Have a beautiful craft beer week everyone,

The BeerBox Team

A New Blog Celebrating all Things Craft Beer

This week we’re talking about Collective Arts! Kicking off in 2014, this Hamilton based brewery has launched some exceptional beers in its time and is now being seen shipped over to lucky bottle shops like ours in the UK.

Collective Arts, true to their namesake, place a mighty emphasis on the artwork that represents their beer. With the incredible effort that goes into cans these days, breweries have to do something truly exceptional to make their cans stand above the rest. Collective arts achieve this by having at least 4 can designs for each beer! To gather this art, they set up a Call for Art where artists and musicians submit their artwork to the team with a chance to be featured on the latest can. They have used over 650 designs since the idea’s inception and have many, many more in the works.

Stranger than Fiction – BeerBox winner for best can design (a coveted trophy)

But is the beer good?

Of course the answer is yes! We had Ransack the Universe in the box some time ago and loved the marriage of Australian Galaxy hops to the American Mosaic, a gentle malt backbone allowed these tropical hops to punch through. We’ve been trying to get our hands on more of their beers ever since and boy have we got a mix this time! The current offering is:

Ransack the Universe – Galaxy & Mosaic IPA 6.8%

State of Mind – Amarillo & Centennial Session IPA 4.5%

Life in the Clouds – Simcoe & Mosaic NEIPA 6.2%

Radio the Mothership – Mosaic, Simcoe & Citra IIPA 8.5%

Radio the Mothership, in all its glory

Jam up the Mash – Nelson Sauvin & Vic Secret, Dry Hopped Sour. 5.0%

Prophets and Nomads – Pink Himalyan Salt & Coriander Gose 4.5%

Saint of Circumstance – Citra, Centennial & Amarillo Citrus Blonde. 4.7%.

Stranger than Fiction – Cascade & Nugget, Porter. 5.5%

So yes, we’ve got quite a few for you to try out! We’d love to hear your feedback on these beers.

What does the team think?

New deliveries are always exciting as it means we need to have a staff meeting to discuss the quality of the newest beer, here’s the staff’s favourites from the latest CA shipment:

Kieran – “For me it’s got to be Stranger than Fiction, I normally go for much lighter porters but this one is pure decadence, the creamy head on top gives you a clue of the treat you’re in for. Massive chocolate notes and a good level of molasses makes this a fine porter.

James- “I’m a huge fan of DIPAs so for me it was always going to be Radio the Mothership, as a big sucker for Mosaic hops this one has to come out on top for me. Big tropical and berry hits make this soar to the top for me.

Jason – There’s something about sours that just keep me coming back for more, the latest from CA is no different. It’s strange having such a hop profile in a sour beer but it’s something I can now fully get behind – so Jam up the Mash wins it for me.

The damn groovy can of Jam Up the Mash

Boxing up

As always, we’re up for a chat about all things beer so come in and speak to one of our beer experts and they can direct towards a can (or bottle) of goodness. 

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Wishing you all a fantastic craft beer filled week,

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