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This week we’re talking about Collective Arts! Kicking off in 2014, this Hamilton based brewery has launched some exceptional beers in its time and is now being seen shipped over to lucky bottle shops like ours in the UK.

Collective Arts, true to their namesake, place a mighty emphasis on the artwork that represents their beer. With the incredible effort that goes into cans these days, breweries have to do something truly exceptional to make their cans stand above the rest. Collective arts achieve this by having at least 4 can designs for each beer! To gather this art, they set up a Call for Art where artists and musicians submit their artwork to the team with a chance to be featured on the latest can. They have used over 650 designs since the idea’s inception and have many, many more in the works.

Stranger than Fiction – BeerBox winner for best can design (a coveted trophy)

But is the beer good?

Of course the answer is yes! We had Ransack the Universe in the box some time ago and loved the marriage of Australian Galaxy hops to the American Mosaic, a gentle malt backbone allowed these tropical hops to punch through. We’ve been trying to get our hands on more of their beers ever since and boy have we got a mix this time! The current offering is:

Ransack the Universe – Galaxy & Mosaic IPA 6.8%

State of Mind – Amarillo & Centennial Session IPA 4.5%

Life in the Clouds – Simcoe & Mosaic NEIPA 6.2%

Radio the Mothership – Mosaic, Simcoe & Citra IIPA 8.5%

Radio the Mothership, in all its glory

Jam up the Mash – Nelson Sauvin & Vic Secret, Dry Hopped Sour. 5.0%

Prophets and Nomads – Pink Himalyan Salt & Coriander Gose 4.5%

Saint of Circumstance – Citra, Centennial & Amarillo Citrus Blonde. 4.7%.

Stranger than Fiction – Cascade & Nugget, Porter. 5.5%

So yes, we’ve got quite a few for you to try out! We’d love to hear your feedback on these beers.

What does the team think?

New deliveries are always exciting as it means we need to have a staff meeting to discuss the quality of the newest beer, here’s the staff’s favourites from the latest CA shipment:

Kieran – “For me it’s got to be Stranger than Fiction, I normally go for much lighter porters but this one is pure decadence, the creamy head on top gives you a clue of the treat you’re in for. Massive chocolate notes and a good level of molasses makes this a fine porter.

James- “I’m a huge fan of DIPAs so for me it was always going to be Radio the Mothership, as a big sucker for Mosaic hops this one has to come out on top for me. Big tropical and berry hits make this soar to the top for me.

Jason – There’s something about sours that just keep me coming back for more, the latest from CA is no different. It’s strange having such a hop profile in a sour beer but it’s something I can now fully get behind – so Jam up the Mash wins it for me.

The damn groovy can of Jam Up the Mash

Boxing up

As always, we’re up for a chat about all things beer so come in and speak to one of our beer experts and they can direct towards a can (or bottle) of goodness. 

If you’ve got any breweries you feel are underrepresented in the box get in touch @itsbeerbox or to beerbox@blackstormbrewery.com. We’re always happy to take suggestions and will try our best to get any beer into the shop!

Wishing you all a fantastic craft beer filled week,

The BeerBox Team



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