Beer Box Beer Club – JUNE

The second ever Beer Box Beer Club took us on a journey through an array of differing styles. 

As usual, we sampled 5 different cans and 1 from keg.  We wanted to showcase 2 different beers of 3 different styles – IPA, stout and sour.

We began with the humble IPA, easily the most popular beer in the shop and it’s not hard to see why – they just taste so good!  The first choice of beer was no exception – Brew York’s New England Rose, a cryo New England IPA.  Discussion led to, what is Cryo?  The short answer is: hops are frozen in liquid nitrogen, the lupulin powder is extracted from the hop flower, leaving highly concentrated hop powder which is 50% more potent than regular hops! 

The group agreed that this is was a great beer and really showcased just how good cryo hops are. The beer itself was incredibly hoppy, yet felt quite light or to put it one way – ‘dangerously drinkable’!

The second beer was a collaboration by local boys Errant and Padstow, who are based on the south coast.   For the second beer, the hops were rammed up to a Double IPA.  This DIPA really packed a punch at 8.3%, but for having double the number of hops as a normal IPA, it was still well balanced.  A massively tropical fruity DIPA which was a must try.

We then moved onto Brouwerij Oud Beersel’s  Vandervelden 135th Anniversary Oude Geuze Vieille.  Quite the mouthful and the beer was much the same!  The Lambic beer with all its heritage (the oldest beer style in the world!) was probably the most revered beer of the night and it did not disappoint.  Sour, almost cider like champagne, this was universally loved by all, which was a surprise as we had some stout drinkers in the group.  Perhaps the best description I’ll ever hear to describe a beer came courtesy of this lambic – ‘like frazzles and Lambrini – but in a good way’. 

The penultimate can was Mad Squirrel’s Hoodwink, a Chocolate white stout.  The surprise of the night in so many ways.  First of all, the beer looked like a pale ale but had the consistency and taste of a stout.   It was commented on that the beer tasted like ‘crème brulee’, ‘ice-cream’, and ‘caramelised sugar’.  This turned out to be the beer of the night! 

The final can was Wild Weather’s Full Of Beans 2, a coconut, chocolate and coffee stout.  This was definitely on the dark side!  First, aromas of coconut then a heavy coffee taste with a bittersweet chocolate and coconut aftertaste.  Very delicious and a great way to end the cans!

Finally, the group chose to finish on Trolltunga, a gooseberry sour collaboration by Buxton and Lervig.  This was a palate cleanser, but not your usual cheek puckering sour, it had a delicate gooseberry tart taste and tasted very refreshing. 

The second Beer Club was a great success and the group discussed how some of the beers weren’t necessarily ones that they would pick, which made for an interesting selection.  That’s what Beer Box Beer Club is all about, trying the weird and wonderful! 

The third Club is in July and we hope to see everyone who attended return and new faces appear!



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