Chasing Chubbles (2019)

There are some beers that are born above the rest, sometimes people from across the world come together to make something great, sometimes they decide to call their great achievement…. Chubbles. 

The coveted TIPA sits on 5thof all beers currently in production on Untappd in England. With the 2019 edition coming in at a robust 4.49. 

The competition winner’s can!

The TIPA has enough dry hopping to be a QDH (quadruple dry hopped), as the lady working at the Cloudwater tap room told me! 

The notes we got were a dank, mango, citrus, chewy, juicy, floral and alcoholic. Few beers in the DIPA/TIPA category can soar above the others, this one damn does. It’s on the same level, if not higher, than Your Limitation, It’s Only Your Imagination from Verdant Brew Co. 

So how can a beer be this good, and is it all just hype? We’ll discuss down below!

The hype train(s)

There’s no doubt about it, Cloudwater are a seriously hyped up brewery these days. But that’s not to say it hasn’t been earnt, since their opening they’ve been striving for the very highest in quality for their beers. Ranked among the best breweries in the world, we can say they deserve it. 

Founded back in 2014, they have shot up to the top of the UK craft beer scene in only a few years, they did a lot to kickstart the craft beer revolution in Britain – so thanks guys! 

Cloudwater’s seasonal approach to beer making on such a scale makes them one of the titans in the craft brew scene, few breweries in England match the scale and quality that Cloudwater do – this was always going to grab people’s attention. Oh boy did it.

A few years ago a brewery called The Veil from Richmond USA came over to make a beer with the Manchester based wizards. The lovechild of their talents was the TIPA we’ve been raving about. 

If you’ve not heard of the Veil, they have similar hype about their brewery; just a glance at their Instagram lets you know why they’re so famous. The vibrancy and variety of their beers is quite extraordinary, with such demand that there are limits on can purchases pp (such as with Treehouse Brewing). 

Credit: @theveilbrewing Instagram.
Milk sugar, blueberry and blackberry sour ale. We need it.

The success of these breweries are often put down to hype, but I think a better term is respect. We start to trust breweries when they consistently impress us with their beer, to the point we just grab no matter what from them. 

SO, it’s a bit of both really. To a large extent beers and breweries can get swamped in hype, but it’s not to say they haven’t deserved it. We can confirm that with chubbles, yes it’s been hyped up, but it might be one of the best beers we’ve ever drank.

As we write this, chubbles sits as the 5thhighest rated beer in England, still in production, on Untappd. Count your lucky stars if you managed to get hold of this beauty. We bought a couple cans from the web shop and gave one away to a competition winner!

Boxing up

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Everyone have a lovely, beery week!

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